There are causes and effects, actions and reactions. But “evil”? Evil is a chimera, a phantasm; it has about as much objective meaning as “hate,” which is another favorite term bandied about by politicians, media shills and other assorted pimps and whores of the establishment, all to their own purposes. What is “evil”? Is it predation? If so, then all of nature must therefore be a reeking quagmire of this metaphysical stuff, this “evil”; as all of nature is, essentially, predatory, locked in Darwinian struggle. When the State determines what is lawful, it determines what is “evil,” and thus, everything “evil” is only that which contravenes the interests of the State; which is only rooted in its own self-serving interests and need to propagate and maintain its power and coercion through brutality, force and violence. Thus, it will wield the very cudgel that, in another’s hands, it would decry as an instrument of “evil.” Hypocrites all.


Bhagavad Gita: Large Print Edition

Arjuna: “Govinda, I will not fight.”
Krishna: “Do thou fight for the sake of fighting, without considering happiness or unhappiness, loss or gain, victory or defeat, and by so doing, you shall never incur sin.” – Bhagavad Gita,

February 1st, 2018

The Jewish religions, that is, Christianity and Islam, both of which, it cannot be denied, sprang from Jewish teachings, postulate a paradisical afterlife where the faithful, long-suffering disciple or servant will spend a blissful, supernal eternity. Krishna tells us, in the Bhagavad Gita, obliquely, of “spiritual planets” that can be ascended to upon death, if one meditates upon him at the hour of death. I have heard from Mahayana Buddhists that, like the Deists, they do not believe in a personal God-i.e. a God that actually cares. Gnostics and mystics similarly seem to agree upon the wretched, fallen nature of a material world that True Divinity cannot have any part of; hence, this world was crafted by a demonic, schizophrenic alter-ego; and this was identified by the Gnostics as the Yahweh God of the ancient Israelites. The Nag Hammadi scrolls reference the Archons, the stark, demonic entities that are also called Djinn by the Sufi mystics of Islam; and also demons in other tongues, as the purveyors of the “illusion” of this world. Noting that “they cannot create,” but only manipulate reality, they must, indeed, have a special fascination with a divinely-enlightened monkey, who voids his bowels in a most unseemly fashion, who sweats, stinks, sickens and dies, whatever beauty he possessing having faded, long ago, at the hour of his death; a being whose major accomplishment is the creation of thermonuclear warheads to annihilate himself and his wretched “civilization”; a being who can always justify its own actions to itself, no matter how, pointless, hypocritical, self-destructive or absurd. A curious state of affairs.

The God of This World

There is a school of thought, I believe it’s called Gnosticism, wherein the God of this decaying, dying material plane is seen as mad, and we, the individuated conscious monads are trapped, as it were, in his nightmare. The True God, being perfect, CANNOT have any intercession with the material plane, as that God is in a state of perfection beyond the material. Until we find the enlightenment of transcendent knowingness, we cannot, as it were, “Go Back to Godhead.” Until then, we continue, as Buddha said, “to reenter the womb,” to stay mired in physical reality, which is the stuff that, cyclically. always sickens, decays and dies. The world of Maya, the Illusion.

Stead’s Folly

WT Stead

Socialist reformer W.T. Stead was fascinated by spiritualism and psychic phenomena, so much so that when a medium told him he must not, under any circumstances, travel by sea, he went and booked passage aboard an ocean liner for her maiden voyage.

He died aboard the Titanic, April 15, 1912.